Bariano: Escape into a world of glamour.

The design team who are based in Melbourne, and work under the guidance of Bariano's Creative Director. We create six collections a year for Bariano and it's sister brand, Lumier; From drawing to making, sewing to experimenting and simply tweeting and snapping, we work hard to create the products you can now find worldwide.  We look at everything and anything for inspiration, whether it be natural wonders to industrial man-made creations.

Bariano has a carefully cultivated a work philosophy and constantly challenge our teams to go the extra mile. Our staff are creative, collaborative, intuitive and progressive and these are qualities we look for in our future employees who share our passion, spirit and ambition.

We have a unique performance culture and one of the keys to our success is that our bar is always raised, never lowered; we understand that the game is always changing and that our best can always be better. At Bariano, we know that our staff are the key to our success which is why we invest time to attract, retain, nurture and develop the most talented and dynamic individuals.

Just as each of our designs are unique as the employees we choose to represent us.

At Bariano, we offer careers, not jobs. We offer professional development opportunities, competitive reward schemes, generous product discounts, performance awards and real progression.

To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter stating why you would be a perfect fit for the Bariano team to Jay at